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About 28A Supported Living LTD

Introduction to 28A Supported Living, from the company directors:

28A Supported Living LTD was formed December 16th 2003 providing supported lodgings to vulnerable adults, and was initially a sole trader venture. Later ownership of the company was surrendered, and 28A Supported Living became a not for profit company in May 2006 supporting a wider tenant group. As well as providing support we all so started to provide individual homes to people. The need was great today we have developed the service to around 80 properties and 100 Tenants.

The expansion continues with a team of people dedicated to helping the disadvantaged in our area, we have now opened a new office in Barnsley taking our services to a new level. As we are not for profit this means there are no shares for the Directors of the company or year end and bonus. They are paid a salary just like other staff members. Any monies that are generated through our business structure is invested back into the business in the way of training, employing new staff. This helps to cope with the demand for short term housing and providing good quality homes for our tenants.

We are a registered social housing provider. In July 2012 we became regulated by the Homes and Communities agency. The company has 2 directors which are responsible for the day to day running of the business, and a board management made up of 3 executives and 5 people from the community.
These people are elected on a yearly basis from our register of people who are interested in having hand in how things are run and work, we welcome people to register who feel they can make a positive contribution to 28A Supported Living Ltd.

Government cuts are a part of our everyday life whether we like or not, 28A is determined to continue providing its services to those who need it the most. We needed to come up with a strategy of being financially, viable in a climate of financial decline. For us this means not being dependant on ever decreasing government grants.
Our 5 year business plan is well on its way, with a new shop now open in Hemsworth selling new and used goods this will support the valuable work currently being carried out by our staff team.

The shop called 28A Supporting Lifestyles receives donations of items that can be sold. These could be new or used goods, as long as they are in good saleable condition.
The money generated from this will help us to maintain the current services, and look into new ones. This shop has 1 paid member of staff who works alongside volunteers who help run the shop.